MEMORY TRACKER by ProCogny Privacy Policy


ProCogny is a division of Leucadia Therpeutics Inc, located in Riverside, CA. Our website addressed are: and

What personal data we collect and why we collect it:

App-related data is necessary for functionality.
This App retains information about each level played, including score, errors made, time remaining, hearts remaining, recharges made, and reward video ads viewed. Some of that information is used to track high scores, levels achieved, and trophies awarded. Unique user identity codes (UUID) are created by App software and ProCogny servers that are used to synchonize connect data on game play of installed Apps. Device specific codes, such as MAC address, and advertising identifiers may also be collected on some platforms.

MEMORY TRACKER by ProCogny is designed for people over the age of 18. Data described above is transmitted to secure company servers, along with subscription information, time of play are sent to private servers and used to understand game play as performed by populations of users. During data transfer, IP4 addresses are used to localize users’ country, region, and city, but more specific geographical information, contained in the fourth set of numbers of IP4 addresses, is not retained.

Who we share your data with:

We do not sell, rent or lend data attributable to individual users. Aggregate data from multiple or even all users is used to improve our memory games and in studies of aging and condition-dependent cognitive performance.

Advertisements displayed as interstitial and reward ads are provided by third party advertisers employed on some platforms may use user and/or device-specific identifiers under their control. Game-derived data supplied to Leucadia Therapeutics Inc from the App is not accessible to advertisers.

How long we retain your data:

All data is kept by the company indefinitely.