Play Sudoku with images that include country flags, animal silhouettes or hieroglyphic symbols. Numbers too. Three sizes of grid to increase difficulty.

Are you ready to take sudoku to the next level? Try Iconic Sudoku by Procogny. Play classic sudoku with numbers or select icons for a whole new look. Choose animal silhouettes, country flags, or ancient hieroglyphs. Play grids come with six, nine, or sixteen images and look great on large screens. Challenge yourself with the hints turned off, in Ninja mode. It’s fun for the whole family. Iconic sudoku adds an exciting twist to a classic game.

Play sudoku with numbers or icons on easy (2×3), medium (3x3x3), or hard (4x4x4) game grids. Highlighting shows where picked icons are already present. Unlimited play allows you to play as many levels as you want and keep the cumulative score. Looking for a challenge? Try the 16×16 grid with hieroglyphs grid on Ninja mode to hide all the clues. Higher levels are best played on a large screen, such as Airplay to a TV. Base version has locked assets, while subscribers get access to all assets, and new ones provided in some updates.