Pattern Busters from ProCogny is a fun and easy way to challenge your cognitive speed by pressing buttons with different shapes and colors.

Pattern Busters challenges you to remember combinations of colors and shapes, pressing them quickly. It starts off slow, but quickly gets harder. Users are presented with several different shapes and colors. Some of them will be highlighted, and they must remember those ones. When they’re ready to begin, the user presses the highlighted buttons and only those buttons until the end of the level. Points are awarded for correct presses and lost points for pressing the wrong ones. If buttons that should be pressed are missed, then points are lost. Difficulty increases with each level with a wider variety of shapes and colors to remember. In higher levels, the shapes move and that makes it really challenging. The game will remember the hi-score. Simple fun for everyone! In free mode, the App plays Ads, but you can go Ad-free and unlock premium assets with a 3-month subscription. Cancel anytime.